Student Amato Colline Atto finished Senior 1 and 2, then transferred to a vocational school. She dropped out. Two years later she has returned for tailoring; this time in Kalongo where she can get some family help with her son.


Amony Stella struggled in school and resat her S4 year. She then joined a vocational school to learn catering. She finished, did her practice at Golden Peace Hotel and now is on the staff of Churchill's Court, Gulu where she has been for several years.


Aloyo Mary finished S5 and S6, joined the National Teacher Training College at Unjama and is now a successful teacher in St. Charles Secondary School in Kalongo. She teaches S3,S4, And S5 students History and CRE.


Akwera Shara, Team Africa Student for six years dropped out in S6. Now she cares for her son, is taking training to make beaded shoes to sell and hopes to finish S6 so that she might someday enter the National Teacher's College.


Akello Sharon Rita is now finishing semester 2 to qualify for her Certificate in Cooperative and Business Administration from Uganda Cooperative College at Kigumba. This is her fifth year with Team Africa.

Otiti Vincent spoke in 2014 to the returning students. He shared his own story and explained that he had a certificate in counseling and was interested in pursuing nursing at Gulu Regional.

Akena John Paul recently returned to the “Come My Children” day to start the 2015 year.

He shared with the students that he is now working with Gulu District on the Electoral Commission. He told the students that you have to put interest in your studies to get ahead.

He gave a big thanks to Team Africa and said that in days gone by, Catechists' children could only go to the government schools. Now that they are able to go to the private schools, they can achieve!